“But the fool on the hill

Sees the sun going down

And the eyes in his head

See the world spinning round

The Beatles, The Fool On The Hill (1967)

I have been into music since I was a kid (two-three years old). I remember me holding a fake guitar while my father was playing some tunes, pretending to be a great guitar player! After playing piano and trying out the flute, I decided to switch to classical guitar at the age of nine. As soon as I realized that was not what I was looking for, I started to study electric guitar.

At the age of ten, I took lessons in a local public school for eight years. There, I studied mostly rock, blues, and some basic techniques for acoustic guitar. In my early twenties, I have been into pop, funk, and some jazz, that I studied with different Italian musicians. Then, I decided to complete my musical journey with a diploma in modern electric guitar at Music Academy Italy.

Over the last fifteen years, I have been playing in different bands and rather diverse music genres. Recently, I started a solo acoustic career, which culminated in an original composition “10 Years (Simply Me)’’. You can have a look at my music activity here, and I hope you enjoy it!

In this page you can find my artistic life as a musician. I have been playing with lots of different bands over time, experimenting different music genres (blues, rock, pop, and jazz, to name a few). Recently I have been into acoustic music as well, and I started to record some covers as well as my song, “10 Years (Simply Me)”, which you can listen to it here.